Cosmopolitanism and the Postnational: Literature and the New Europe

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Cosmopolitanism and the Postnational: Literature and the New Europe
Cambridge, Mass.
César Domínguez (University of Santiago de Compostela) & Theodoor L. D'haen (Leuven University, K. U. Leuven)
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1 October, 2008
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26.03.2009 - 29.03.2009
César Domínguez ( or Theo D´haen (

Postnational theory has risen in importance in recent years and has become a primary tool for the analysis of European integration. In spite of several interpretations of the concept, there is a very wide consensus about postnationalism as a way to forge a European identity beyond a particular national history. However, textbooks on European literature continue to rely on national canons and promote an image of nations as an impassable horizon of literature.

The seminar here proposed within the ACLA 2009 Conference (Harvard University, March 26-29) is intended to be a forum to discuss both contributions and shortcomings when it comes to reflecting on a (new) European literature that is critical of national canons from a cosmopolitan point of view within a postnational context. For the CFP and submission procedure, please visit The deadline for paper proposals is November 1, 2008.

The panel is sponsored by the Hermes Consortium for Literary and Cultural Studies. The main aims of the Hermes Consortium are to promote study and research in the field of literature, art and culture with a European perspective in an epoch of globalization and to explore the changes of European self-understanding and self-criticism across cultures and disciplines in and beyond Europe. Please visit the Consortium’s webpage at

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