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and to the infinite del
ight of his audience of
half-Hellenized barbar
ians began afresh the w
ell-known song: --phero
min ex oreos elika neot
omon epi melathra makar
ian theiran--. It was,
since the times of the
Achaemenids, the first
serious victory which t
he Orientals had achiev
ed over the west; and t
here was a deep signifi
cance in the fact that,
by way of celebrating
this victory, the faire
st product of the weste
rn world-- Greek traged
y--parodied itself thro
ugh its degenerate repr
esentatives in that hid
eous burlesque. The civ
The History of Rome, Book V
The Establishment of the Military Monarchy by Mommsen, Theodor, 1817-1903