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of politeness to the Wo
man, though the sound h
urt them, the tenderhea
rted animals uncovered
their ears and listened
intently. This is what
they heard, repeated o
ver and over, "Baa-aa-b
y! Baa-aa-by! Baa-aa-by
!" They were all shakin
g with sobbing when the
elephant, in his coars
est manner, lifted, up
his trunk and snorted t
hrough it contemptuousl
y. "Stop snorting," the
Man ordered impatientl
y. "There's no reason w
hy you should snort." "
Isn't there?" The eleph
ant shuffled to his fee
t to depart. Before he
went, just to show his
Christmas Outside of Eden by Dawson, Coningsby (Coningsby William), 1883-1959