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ved within me; and thou
gh my sister, in her jo
y of seeing her friend,
has left me standing a
part, yet your voice ha
s drawn me to you. _Eud
ora._ Surely the sister
of my friend shall be
my sister: would that I
could say her God shal
l be my God! _Rebecca._
Even so may it be! _Eu
dora._ And my gods hers
! _Rebecca._ But that i
s impossible. _Eudora._
Why? Because, as she s
ays, we have images for
gods! But this is not
so. Is Jupiter the thun
derer confined to an im
age? or is Juno or any
other deity? Have we no
t many images of all th
Gems Gathered in Haste
A New Year's Gift for Sunday Schools by Anonymous