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ep away from a fox's ta
il, he _ought_ to be ca
ught. It is the same th
ing as if he caught him
self." "Ah!" said the c
rab, with a sigh, "I ma
de that rule for others
, and not for myself. I
see now that _there is
a flaw in it_." VIII.
. A fly, who was a grea
t lover of sweet things
, came across a cup ful
l of molasses. He aligh
ted on the edge of the
cup, and commenced sipp
ing the molasses. It pl
eased him very much. He
thought he had never t
asted anything so good
before. At length, begi
nning to be surfeited w
The Diving Bell
Or, Pearls to be Sought for by Woodworth, Francis C.