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having returned back t
o his place, said to th
e company, he had recei
ved information that th
e Chief-President of th
e Parliament, notwithst
anding the reply previo
usly made, had proposed
that the Parliament sh
ould not go to the Tuil
eries, asking, "What it
was to do in a place w
here it would not be fr
ee?" that he had propos
ed to send a message to
the King, stating that
"his Parliament would
hear his wishes in thei
r ordinary place of mee
ting, whenever it shoul
d please him to come or
to send." The Regent a
dded that these proposi
Memoirs of Louis XIV and His Court and of the Regency — Volume 12 by Saint-Simon, Louis de Rouvroy, duc de, 1675-1755