Comparative Literature in the 20th Century: A Symposium Marking the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Anton Ocvirk

Event title (long): 
Comparative Literature in the 20th Century: A Symposium Marking the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Anton Ocvirk / Primerjalna književnost v 20. stoletju: Simpozij ob 100-letnici rojstva Antona Ocvirka
Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Closing date for submissions: 
31 March, 2006
Event dates: 
20.09.2007 - 21.09.2007

Razred za filološke in literarne vede SAZU / Section of Philological and Literary Sciences of Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Inštitut za slovensko literaturo in literarne vede Znanstvenoraziskovalnega centra SAZU / Institute of Slovenian Literature and Literary Studies, Scientific Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Oddelek za primerjalno književnost in literarno teorijo Filozofske fakultete v Ljubljani / Department of Comparative Literature and Literary Theory, Faculty of Arts, Univ. of Ljubljana
Slovensko društvo za primerjalno književnost / Slovenian Comparative Literature Association

COMPARATIVE LITERATURE IN THE 20th CENTURY: A Symposium Marking the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Anton Ocvirk / PRIMERJALNA KNJIŽEVNOST V 20. STOLETJU: Simpozij ob 100-letnici rojstva Antona Ocvirka

Slovenska akademija znanosti in umetnosti
Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Novi trgu 3/I, Ljubljana, Slovenia
Ljubljana, 20 – 21 September 2007

Programme Committee:
akad. dr. France Bernik, akad. dr. Janko Kos (SAZU/SASA),
dr. Darko Dolinar, mag. Jola Škulj (ZRC SAZU/SRC SASA),
dr. Matevž Kos, dr. Tone Smolej (Filozofska fakulteta Univerze v Ljubljani/Faculty of Arts, Univ. of Ljubljana)
dr. Marko Juvan, dr. Darja Pavlič (Slovensko društvo za primerjalno književnost/Slovenian Comparative Literature Association)

Organizing Committee:
Darko Dolinar, Marko Juvan, Jola Škulj, Luka Vidmar (ZRC SAZU/SRC SASA)

Programme of the Symposium

Thursday, 20. 9., morning

9.00 Beginning of the symposium, addresses
9.30Darko Dolinar Introductive View: Anton Ocvirk and Comparative Literature
9.50 Janko KosPhilosophical, National, and Ideological Bases of Slovenian Comparative Literature
10.10France Bernik Collected Works: The Foundations of Slovenian Literary Studies
10.30Dušan Moravec Esthetic Criteria of Ocvirk's Theater Criticism
11.30Majda Stanovnik Ocvirk's Concept of Comparative Literature and Sto romanov (One Hundred Novels)
11.50Vlasta Pacheiner Klander Oriental Literature in Ocvirk's World Literature Studies Program
12.10Janez Vrečko Ocvirk and Kosovel
12.30Darko Dolinar Ocvirk's Understanding of the Literary Work

Thursday, 20. 9., afternoon

16.00Jean Bessière Comparative Literature and Ethics: Reinterpreting the Universalism/Relativism Dichotomy
16.20Eugene Eoyang Synergies and Synaesthesias: An Intraworldly Comparative Literature
16.40Vita Fortunati The Literary Text as Complex System in a Planetary Perspective
17.00Zoran Milutinović Is a History of World Literature Possible?
18.00Galin TihanovThe Future of Literary History: Three Challenges in the 21st century
18.20Vanesa Matajc Confrontation with Trend: Comparative Literary Science and Cultural History
18.40Tomo Virk Universal or National, Global or Local: Or a Plural Comparative Literature

Friday, 21. 9. morning

9.00Monica Spiridon The New Alliance
9.20Peter Hajdu Neohelicon's Local Traditions and Present Strategies
9.40Sonja Stojmenska-Elzeser What Does it Mean to Be Researcher in Comparative Literature in Macedonia?
10.40Miloš Zelenka Literature in the Interwar Period (F. Wollman and A. Ocvirk and Their Reflections on Paul van Tieghem)
11.00Zvonko Kovač Comparative Literature after Hergešić and Ocvirk (A. Flaker, Z. Konstantinović)
11.20Tone Smolej Lucien Tesnière and Slovenian Comparative Literature

Friday, 21. 9., afternoon

15.00John NeubauerWhat are Ingressive Literary Histories and why do we need them?
15.20Vladimir Biti From Literature to Culture – and Back?
15.40Marko Juvan Ideologies of Comparative Literature: Metropolises vs. Peripheries
16.40Evald Koren Comparative Literature and so-called New Histories of National Literatures
17.00Boris A. Novak Ocvirk's Theory of Verse
17.20Jola Škulj Founding Concepts in Slovenian Comparativistics and Actual Comparatist Initiatives
17.40discussion and end of the symposium 
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