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31 December, 2016
General: Dr Cristina Sandru Editors – poetry: Dr Hugues Azerad (Cambridge),; theatre: Dr Edward Forman (Bristol), theory, philosophy, criticism : Dr Sam Coombes (Edinburgh), African / African Diaspora: Dr Ruth Bush (Bristol) Dr Charlotte Baker (Lancaster)
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The Literary Encyclopedia at is looking for qualified writers to enhance its coverage of the various volumes of French literature. The list below is not comprehensive or final, and new proposals of writers/ works/context essays that are not currently listed in our database are also welcome. However, we will prioritize articles on writers and works frequently studied in university courses, and those that are highly topical and well-known. 

In addition to publishing articles on canonical and much-taught literary works, the Encyclopedia is also interested in making available information about important writers and works that are often neglected, and in publishing articles about discrete historical events which are relevant to literary understanding. It also seeks to broaden its scope to include more research-oriented articles with a pedagogic function, such as 'Critical issues in title' or 'Critical readings of authortitle'. If you are interested in contributing such an essay, please contact the relevant volume editor or the managing editor. 


All offers of contribution should come accompanied by an up-to-date CV and, in the case of doctoral students who wish to offer a contribution, also a short writing sample. The overwhelming majority (about 90%) of our contributors are academic scholars, while the remaining percentage is made up of highly endorsed doctoral students and independent researchers.


The Literary Encyclopedia aims to deliver a global understanding of world literatures and cultures within an adaptable and responsive digital platform that's ethically conceived, minimalist, but packing great functionality. All our articles are solicited by invitation from specialist scholars in higher education institutions all over the world, refereed and approved by subject editors in our Editorial Board. The LE is thus uniquely selective, reliableand authoritative. Its online format allows for rapid publication and frequent updating of articles; its integrated digital resources (author life-chronologies, customisable timelines, thematic or course-oriented bookshelves, related article clusters, critical bibliographies) respond dynamically to teaching and learning demands.


More detailed information on the Encyclopedia – including its publishing modeleditorial policies, specific information for authors etc. – can be found on its homepage at, under the ABOUT tab. In order to explore the kinds of content we publish please log in using the case-sensitive username 'WinterGuest2016' and the password 'carpentier1904'.


We hope that you will wish to join us in this enterprise. If you wish to contribute, please contact the volume editor(s) listed below, or the managing editor, Dr Cristina Sandru ( )


Names highlighted in bold require urgent contributions. “Works” appended to the name of an author indicates the most important books. Ideally, we would like to cover the texts/authors who are often studied at undergraduate level (ideally completed by the end of 2018), in parallel with the other texts/poets who you think should be known by students/graduates/wider audience (to be completed before the end of 2017).


Anne-Marie Albiach

Louis Aragon (works)

Antonin Artaud (works)

Alain Badiou

Marie-Claire Bancquart

Roland Barthes

Maurice Blanchot

Béatrice Bonhomme-Villani

Tanella Boni

Yves Bonnefoy (works)

André du Bouchet

Joë Bousquet

André Breton (works)

Michel Bulteau

Michel Butor + any of his works except Le génie de lieu

Olivier Cadiot

Albert Camus - L'homme révolté/l’Exil et le Royaume/Les Justes

Blaise Cendrars

François Cheng

Hélène Cixous – any of her major works except Rire de la méduse

Paul Claudel - any of his major works

Cocteau – any of his works except Orphée

René Daumal

Simone De Beauvoir

Michel Deguy

Jacques Derrida

Robert Desnos (+ works)

Philippe Descola

Jacques Dupin

Paul Eluard (+ works)

Marie Étienne

Louis-René des Forêts

Dominique Fourcade

Michel Foucault

Alain Fournier / + Le Grand Meaulnes

André Frénaud

Jérôme Game

Anne Garréta

Lorand Gaspar

Gérard Genette

André Gide – any of his works except Les faux-monnayeurs and La porte etroite

Jean Giraudoux + any of his major works

Liliane Giraudon

Roger Giroux

Jean-Marie Gleize

Ivan Goll

Dominique Grandmont

Michelle Grangaud

Jean Grosjean

Eugène Guillevic

Pierre Guyotat

Françoise Hàn

Bernard Heidsieck

Emmanuel Hocquard

Christian Hubin

Jeanne Hyvrard

Luce Irigaray – any of her major works

Isidore Isou

Edmond Jabès

Max Jacob 

Pierre Jean Jouve

Hédi Kaddour

Bernard-Marie Koltès

Julia Kristeva - fiction and essays in particular

Jean-Luc Lagarce

Valery Larbaud 

Patrice de La Tour du Pin

Olivier Laronde

Bruno Latour

Le Lettrisme

Claude Lévi-Strauss

Livres d’artiste

Gabriel Macé

Maurice Maeterlinck

Claire Malroux

Yves di Manno

Joyce Mansour

Jean-Michel Maulpoix

Léonora Miano

Henri Michaux (+ works)

Anna de Noailles

Bernard Noël

Charles Péguy – any of his major works

Marcel Proust (Plaisirs et les jours, Jean Santeuil, Translations)

Benjamin Péret

Saint-John Perse (+works)

Francis Ponge

Anne Portugal

Gisèle Prassinos

Jacques Prévert

Christian Prigent

Lionel Ray 

Jacques Rancière

Denis Roche

Jules Romains

Claude Royet-Journoud

James Sacré

Hélène Sanguinetti

J. P. Sartre – La NauséeLe sursis, Les Mots

Victor Segalen (works)

Claude Simon–major works

Philippe Soupault

Jude Stéfan

Bernard Stiegler

Jules Supervielle (works)

Jean Tardieu (+works)

Anne Teyssiéras

Jean-Paul Toulet

Tristan Tzara – major works

Paul Valéry – major works

Bernard Vargaftig

André Velter


Africa/African Diaspora


Jean-Marie Adiaffi

Amadou Hampâté Bâ

Francis Bebey 

Sylvain Bemba

Mongo Beti 

Tanella Boni

Ken Bugul

Félix Couchoro

Bernard Dadié

Lamine Diakhaté 

Boris Boubacar Diop

Birago Diop

Fatou Diome

David Diop

Emmanuel Dongala 

Kossi Effoui

Alioum Fantouré

Libar Fofana

Paul Hazoumé

Monique Ilboudo 

Moussa Konaté

Cheikh Hamidou Kane 

Fodéba Keita

Ahmadou Kourouma’s major works

Werewere Liking 

Ake Loba 

Henri Lopes 

Léonora Miano

V.Y. Mudimbe 

Cheik Aliou Ndao

Djibril Tamsir Niane

Pius Ngandu Nkashama

Yambo Ouologuem

Ferdinand Oyono 

Jacques Rabemananjara

Thomté Ryam

Abdoulaye Sadji

Lamine Senghor

Ousmane Socé

Véronique Tadjo

Sony Labou Tansi

Sami Tchak

Tchicaya UTam’Si

Senouvo Agbota Zinsou


Postcolonial Francophone Writers


Azouz Begag 

Mehdi Charef 


Faïza Guène 

Rachid Djaïni


North Africa/Lebanon

Driss Chraïbi

Mouloud Feraoun

Jean Amrouche

Taos Amrouche

Tahar Djaout

Nabile Farès

Abdelkebir Khatibi

Abellatif Laâbi

Mouloud Mammeri

Rachid Mimmouni

Jean Senac 

Amina Said


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