7 Reasons to Use a Fantasy Name Generator

Fantasy name generators are a revelation to writers who find their story held back by getting too hung up on choosing the right name for their characters.

If you’ve ever been stuck on a storyline or outline for days or weeks because you couldn’t find the right name, a fantasy name generator could have helped to move the thought process along – and it might have made the writing process almost effortless from there if you just had the right name.

Here are 8 more reasons why writers should use a fantasy name generator for creating character names for their story.

1. Fantasy Name Generators Are Entirely Random

Name generators work by putting together a name from a huge database of names, usually containing thousands upon thousands of different combinations. This means that fantasy name generators are entirely random, and it’s unlikely that you would get the same name twice even if you clicked the same button a hundred times over.

2. Don’t Like It? Keep Clicking

Thinking of a suitable character name in the traditional way can take up weeks of your time. With random name generators, you can just keep clicking if there’s a name that you don’t like – and you can do this as many times as you need to until you’ve found the right chosen name. If you still can’t come up with the right answer after several different tries, switch to another fantasy name generator and try again.

3. They’re Effective at Any Point

Fantasy name generators are perfect for the outlining phase of your story, but nothing stops you from using one halfway through writing your story and changing 4, 000 instances of the hero’s name with the Replace All function in your word processor. You’re the writer and that’s your choice! That’s the fun of doing it – and that’s why random fantasy name generators can work at any point during your story.

4. Fantasy Name Generators Aren’t Biased

Fantasy name generators can help you to come up with names that you would not have thought of for your story or character in a million years. That’s kind of the point. People are naturally biased even when they believe they’re making a random choice, and you could be choosing a name for your character that you heard on television two weeks ago even if you don’t know it. Fantasy name generators aren’t biased and won’t take this risk.

5. Fantasy Name Generators Are Free and Fast

Going over to Amazon and ordering a few baby name books can cost you a pretty few pennies, and it’s likely that you won’t use half of them during your entire writing career. (We can talk in ten years if you don’t agree and want to go ahead and buy those books anyway!)

Fantasy name generators are instant – and they’re free.

6. Fantasy Name Generators Avoid the Dreaded Block

Writer’s block is no fun for anyone. Not for the fans, not for the writers and certainly not for the editors. But it still happens – and character names is one of the most common reasons why. If you find yourself blocked because of the fact that you can’t seem to think of the right character name, fantasy name generators can give you a great place to start – and it means that you as a writer can kick the block before it even has a chance to start.

7. Endless Fantasy Name Generators to Choose From

There’s a fantasy name generator for almost everything. For every theme, for every language, for every possible genre. As a writer, you get to switch it up with as many different fantasy name generators as you want. That’s part of the magic of using them.