PhD Sonja Stojmenska-Elzeser senior researcher

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senior researcher
Institute of Macedonian Literature - Ss. Cyril and Methodius University
Department for Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature
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Education and training



Ss Cyril and Methodius University Skopje, Macedonia, Faculty of Philology “Blaze Koneski”, PhD (Doktor), Thesis: “Strategies of Ludicism in Contemporary Short Story”, 2003

Ss Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Macedonia, Faculty of Philology “Blaze Koneski”, MA, Master’s degree in Philological Sciences (Magister), Thesis: “Theoretical and Methodological Principles of Mihail Bahtin”, 1995

Ss Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, Macedonia, Faculty of Philology “Blaze Koneski”, Department of General and Comparative Literature, Diploma B.Sc. in General and Comparative Literature – Teaching group, 1986

Title of qualification awarded

PhD, doctor of Philological Sciences



Social  skills and competences

Good ability to adapt to multicultural environments, gained though the living abroad (in Czech Republic for four years)

Good communication skills gained through the experience as lecturer

Good ability to communicate


Mother tongue(s)



Other language(s)

Reading, Writing, Verbal skills (specify level: excellent, good, basic).

English (excellent)

Czech (good)


French (basic)

Teaching areas: 

European Literature


Research areas: 

Principal subjects/occupational skills covered

General and Comparative Literature

Theory and Methodology of Literature

Methods of Teaching Literature


Popular Literature

Review of Literary Theories

General Methodology of Science

Russian Theory of 20th Century

President of the Macedonian Association of Comparative Literature (Друштво за компаративна книжевност)

Member of ICLA

Member of the Macedonian National Slavic Committee

Membership in editorial boards: Spektar, Knizeven kontekst


Participation in conferences:

„Comparative Slavic Research of Macedonian Literature“, International Conference Literatury ako sucast medziliterarnych  spolocenstiev, Nitra, Slovac Republic, 2003

„The Stereotypes of Other Slavic Peoples in Contemporary Macedonian Prose“ International Conference East-European Images of the Self and the Other: Ethnic, National and Gender Stereotypes in Literature and Literary Studies of Eastern Europe, Budapest, Hungary, 2004

 „The European Dimensions of the Balkan’s Cultural Palymphsest“ International Conference  The Dialects of the Tribe, European Network of Comparative Literature, Florence, Italy, September 2005

„Spinoza and Lou Andreas Salome as Cultural Icons“, International Conference Technologies of Memory in the Arts,Radboud University Nijmegen, Netherlands, May 18-20, 2006

„The Implication of Theories of Otherness in the Inter-Slavonic Cultural Researching“, International Conference  The Horizons of Contemporary Literary Comparative Studies in Slavonic Countries, Lowic, Poland, May 24-26  2006

„What does it mean to stady comparative literature in Macedonia?“, Comparative Literature in the 20th Century: A Symposium Marking the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Anton Ocvirk, Ljubljana, Slovenia, Septeber 20-21 2007


                Books (In Macedonian):

                Пулсирачка филологија: Теориско-методолошките начела на Михаил Бахтин,  (Pulsative Phylology: Theoretical and Methodological Principles of Mikhail Bahtin)  Скопје: Култура, 1997; ISBN 9989-32-091-8

Игропис: есеи за книжевниот лудизам, (Playwriting: Essays on Literary Ludicism) Скопје: Магор, 2004, ISBN 9989-144-15-X

Компаративна книжевност: Учебник за четврта година на реформирано гимназиско образование (изборен предмет) во соработка со Наташа Аврамовска, Валентина Миронска Христовска и Лорета Георгиевска-Јаковлева,(Comparative Literature: manuel) Скопје: Просветно дело, 2004, ISBN 9989-0-0418-8

Споредбена славистика, (Comparative Slavistics) Скопје: Институт за македонска литература, 2005, ISBN 9989-886-54-7

Гризни го јаболкотото:антологија на македонската еротска проза, (Bite the Apple: Anthology of Macedonian Erotic Prose) Скопје: Магор, 2006, ISBN 9989-144-90-7

(Ed.) Компаративна книжевност: хрестоматија (Comparative literature: reader) Скопје: ЕвроБалкан Пресс; Менора, 2007


          Articles (In English):

 “Comparative Slavic Research of Macedonian Literature” in Literatury ako sucast        medziliterarnych spolocenstiev, (Zbornik z konferencie), Nitra, 2003, str. 155-160

„The  Stereotypes of the Other Slavic Peoples in Contemporary Macedonian Prose”, Neohelicon:acta comparationis litterarium universarium XXXII/1, 2005 Budapest, str.103-110

         “Art, Games and Evil – Controversies about the Aesthetics of Violence”, Balkanisticen forum, Blagoevgrad, 2005


        About 80 articles in Macedonian Language.