Dr. Simonetta Falchi

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Università degli Studi di Sassari
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences
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Dr. SIMONETTA FALCHI (PhD) is currently a Researcher of English Literature, Culture and Language at the University of Sassari, Sardinia (Italy), where she held a Research Fellowship aimed at developing her research on “Matrix Characters in English Literature in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century” (2007-2011). In 2008-2009 she was academic visitor in Cambridge at the Faculty of English and Lucy Cavendish College. She was a member of the editorial board both of the Journal of English Studies The Grove (University of Jaen) and of the cross-cultural journal Annali della Facoltà di Lingue e Letterature Straniere (Università di Sassari). She is regional coordinator of REELC, and assistant for the updating of the AIA on-line bibliography (also a member of ESSE, and of the ISC, International Shakespeare Centre). Her main research interest is the reception of myth in the broader sense, including classical, para-biblical and literary myths; she also deals with the intertwining between literature and culture, especially with regards to the making of stereotypes. In 2006 she defended her doctoral thesis on the rewritings of the myth of the Wandering Jew at the University of Sassari, where she also graduated in 1999 defending a thesis on Heiner Müller’s rewriting of Shakepespeare’s Hamlet in Hamletmaschine; on these topics she has so far published two books and several articles.



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Myth, "Matrix characters" (the Wandering Jew; Hamlet; Ophelia), Thematic Criticism, Psychoanalysis and Literature.


²      2–5 July 2007 Folly, XI International Conference of the British Comparative Literature Association, Goldsmiths College, University of London, UK: “Maddening Endurance: Ophelia's Madness and its implications in Heiner Müller's Hamletmachine”. ²      23-26 Sep. 07 7th International Conference of the EACL: “Contemporary Fate of Great Cultural and Literary Myths”, Tartu, Estonia: “Errare humanum est. Re-writing the Myth of the Wandering Jew after the Shoah”.²       1-2 Oct. 07 Chi ha paura di Grazia Deledda? Traduzione, Ricezione, Comparazione, Sassari, Italy : “Deledda Speaks English”