Institute of Macedonian Literature

Institution name (long): 
University “Ss. Cyril and Methodius” Public Scientific Institution INSTITUTE OF MACEDONIAN LITERATURE – SKOPJE
Institute of Macedonian Literature Grigor Prlichev No.5, 1000 Skopje Republic of Macedonia P.O. box 455 Phone/Fax ++389 (0)2 3220-309

The Institute of Macedonian Literature is realizing research activity in the area of the historical development of the Macedonian Literature, the contemporary literary processes, its relations and influences with the other literatures and the theory of literature.
The research activity of the Institute is accomplished through the activities of eight departments:
Department of Medieval Macedonian Literature
Department of Macedonian Folk Literature
Department of Macedonian Literature of the 19th Century
Department of Macedonian Literature of the 20th Century
Department of Macedonian-Balkan Literary-historical Relations
Department of the Literatures of the Nationalities in Macedonia
Department of Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature
Department of the Contributing Scientific Activities - Bibliography, Documentation, Library and Informatics

The Department of Theory of Literature and Comparative Literature
researches the culturologic aspects of the Otherness that appear in a literary communication. The culturological postulation of the researches enables different approaches in the understanding of the Macedonian literature in the context or opposed to other literatures. At the same time, the notion of the Otherness provides intrasystematic research of the aspects of the Otherness in the context of the Macedonian literature itself (genres, ethnical, ideological aspects etc.).
Head of the Department: Aleksandar Prokopiev, Ph.D., Research Councillor
Members: Sonja Stojmenska-Elzeser, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow; Natasha Avramovska, Ph.D., Research Fellow


The publishing activity is one of the priority activities of the Institute of Macedonian Literature from Skopje, for the reason that publication of the research results is providing insight in the scientific achievements. The Institute publishes the results of the research projects, Masters and Ph.D. thesis, original archive materials, scientific monographs, magazines, collections and other types of research papers from the sphere of the Macedonian Literature.
Exceptional attention is being paid to the periodical publications that are being prepared and published by the Institute amongst which the scientific magazine Spectrum and the scientific publication for comparative literature Literary context