Minutes of the REELC/ENCLS General Assembly and the Executive Committee meeting, Maderia, 26 and 27 September 2013

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Minutes of the REELC/ENCLS General Assembly and the Executive Committee meeting, Maderia, 26 and 27 September 2013


ENCLS/ REELC General Assembly 26th September 2013, Madeira - Minutes of the Assembly

See the Agenda here >>

  1. Presentation of the biennial report on the ENCLS activities in 2011-2013.

Brigitte Le Juez reads the report written by the General Coordinator, Marina Grishakova.

  1. Report on the issue of membership fees.

Brigitte Le Juez reminds the problem to get fundings : the membership to the ENCLS is free.

Meanwhile, the website, which is important for the visibility of the network, represents a cost. The Slovene Academy gives 3000 € a year for the website, but cannot go on.

It is possible to imagine low subscription fees, which would help to maintain the website and develop initiatives (like for example having an e-journal : such a project being important at a time where online publishing is very important).

No vote is proposed about this project, but the General Assembly expresses itself in favor of such an evolution.

  1. Report on the newsletter

Ales Vaupotic shows on the website how to reach it. Brigitte Le Juez, who is in charge for the newsletter, explains its content, shows how the newsletter is meant, how to contact the organizers, etc. She reminds all the members receive the newsletter on their e-mail address.

  1. Report on the plan for bibliography

Bernard Franco, who is in charge for the bibliography, reminds its purpose : the ENCLS has the project to put on its website a bibliography of all publications about General and Comparative Literature since 2000. It is aimed to help doctoral students in their research and also other searchers about a disciplin which deeply and quickly develops its fields and methods.

A first project had been developped several years ago, but has been stopped by material problems. It has been difficult to restart this project : Bernard Franco has asked the colleagues from General and Comparative Literature to send him their own references, but has got no answer and had to start with his references.

A draft for a first version has been submitted to the Executive Committee during its meeting in Paris in July 2013. It has been discussed, a few changes have been added ; several colleagues sent to Bernard Franco new references after this meeting. The draft will be modified and completed. A first version of the bibliography should be online (PDF format) in November.

This project is a perpetual work in progress, following the new publications (the bibliography will therefore be updated 3 or 4 times a year). It should be the result of a commun participation : all members publishing a research on the topic or knowing any publication about General and Comparative Literature are welcome to send the references of the publication to Bernard Franco (bernard.franco1@gmail.com).

  1. Report on the website

Ales Vaupotic, who is in charge for the website, presents it to the General Assembly. The website should be used as a tour to communicate. Ales Vaupotic reminds how to registrate (online, without any fee). He shows how to create an account, how to introduce personal data (for instance a CV). By registrating, the new member gets informations about conferences and activities of the ENCLS.

Ales Vaupotic shows the presentation and the structure of the website : the first page presents news, events, advertisements, the newsletter, etc. All the documents (in the PDF format) resulting from the ENCLS activities are on the website, like the Proceedings of the biennal Congresses (the Proceedings of the Skopje-Ohrid Congress from 2011 are already on the website ; the Proceedings of the Vilnius Congress from 2009, which have been published in a paper-version, should be put very soon in the website).

There is also a page for institutions, a forum, a page on activities, a page to save archives. There are also ENCLS e-texts (Clermont-Ferrand and Skopje).

If some institution agrees to host the site, it would be helpful. There is a cost to maintain it : until then, the Slovenia Scientific Center has provided, but this situation cannot last.

  1. Motion on the remote voting

Ales Vaupotic presents a motion proposing the introduction of the remote voting. The Executive Committee proposes to introduce remote voting in order to a) enable members who are unable to attend the General Assembly to take part in the elections of Executive Committee Officers and vote on other motions, and b) to reach decisions on motions which the Executive Committee considers important to put to the membership before the next available General Assembly. Remote voting will be sent to all members by email and votes can be returned by post or email, to the Returning Officer indicated on the ballot paper. The Returning Office is responsible to ensure that individual votes remain anonymous (the data of the member and the signature are on a second page).

Results of the vote :

Yes : 21

No : 0

No answer : 2.


  1. Motion on review of regulations

Brigitte Le Juez presents this motion. The EC proposes to shorten from 4 to 2 years the time between an EC member stands down from the EC and the time when he or she can stand again. This is in the interest of retaining the services of those engaged, useful, and capable members of the EC that would possibly be ideal General Coordinators but may loose touch with the Network if out of the loop for too long.

Results of the vote :

Yes : 20

No : 0

No answer : 2.


  1. Election of the new Executive Committee

Brigitte Le Juez presents the list of the candidates : there is exactly the same number of candidates as of available seats. Brigitte Le Juez proposes a vote on the list of the candidates.

Results of the votes :

Yes : 20

No : 0

No expressed vote : 2.


  1. The plans for the 6th Congress in Dublin and Galway (2015)

This Congress will be organized by Brigitte Le Juez who presents it. Like in Macedonia in 2011, the Congress will be in two cities, Dublin and Galway. It will last 4 days. The Congress will be in three languages : English, French and Irish.

The topic will be « Longing and belonging ». The call for communications will be sent by the end of the year.

The date will be the last week of August 2015. The workshops will be organized into pannels (for example one on children’s literature, one on « belonging to literature, longing to the arts », etc.)

  1. The venue of the 7th Congress (2012).

The ENCLS is still seeking for applications.

  1. Questions from members, varia

No other questions.

First meeting of the new Executive Committee of the ENCLS (REELC), 27th September 2013

The new Executive Committee, which has been elected on the 26th of September 2013 by the General Assembly of the ENCLS, meets on the 27th and takes three decisions:

  1. Election of the new General Coordinator
    César Domínguez is candidate. He is elected as the new General Coordinator with the unanimity of the votes.

  2. Brigitte Le Juez’ cooptation
    Brigitte Le Juez is coopted with the unanimity of the votes to be part of the new Executive Committee ex officio (as responsible for the Newsletter and organizer of the 2015 Congress).
    Work on the website

  3. Nina Shiel will be asked to participate to the work on the website.

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