Minutes of the REELC/ENCLS General Assembly (27 August 2015, National University of Ireland, Galway)

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REELC-ENCLS General Assembly Meeting

27 August 2015

National University of Ireland, Galway




Chair: César Dominguez (CD)

Recording: Nina Shiel



Approval of a change in the Agenda


The Assembly were requested to approve 10 items in the Agenda instead of 9 items as originally circulated. The new item concerned information on conference proceedings in Madeira and Dublin/Galway.


The Assembly approved the change.


1. Biennial report


CD presented the report on the REELC/ENCLS activities 2013-2015:


Several virtual meetings have taken place during the past two-year period in relation to the following topics:

    • Network website

    • Conference proceedings

    • Activities between conferences

    • Funding problems

    • A more flexible operativity of the EC between general assemblies in conferences (e-voting)

    • Office term of the general coordinator

    • Funds for bursaries and prizes for students best representations at conferences

    • Network bibliography (Bernard Franco

    • Regional moderators.


In 2015, the network celebrates its tenth anniversary as for the organization of conferences, the first of which was held in 2005.


2. Report on the issue of membership fees


It was noted that in the network's charter, membership is stated to be free until it becomes necessary to charge for it. CD informed the Assembly that the time has arrived now.


The Slovenian Academy of the Sciences has been funding the network website for the past 8 years, the total coming to c. 40,000 Euro. CD emphasised that the network is very grateful for their help. However, the current funding will end in September and the Academy are no longer in a position to keep funding the network to the same extent. Consequently, it is necessary to find a solution to this problem, because the website is a key professional element of our network.


The prospect of electronical voting has been discussed, to enable decisions to be made between congresses. Our current website does not have the facility for e-voting; it is possible to upgrade the website but this requires funding.


Furthermore, the network needs to implement other activities between congresses, which requires funding.


The issue of membership fees was brought up as a possible solution to the above issues. It is desirable to keep the fees as low as possible. A sum of 20-25 Euro per year has been suggested.


Q from Assembly: Would installing membership fees involve changing the name of the network?

CD: This would depend on the route we choose take, in terms of formal fees, or membership donations, as well as their associated legalities.


Q from Assembly: Would we need a headquarters or a similar physical place?

CD: If the network were to become a formal association, yes. In effect, we would need a physical address. For example, ICLA "lives" in the Sorbonne Library in Paris and our network has been offered the same possibility. The Slovenian Academy has offered to "host" us.


Vote: Introduction of membership fees for the following reasons:

  • website (maintenance and upgrading)

  • inter-conference activities

  • bursaries for students

  • prizes for students' presentations

  • co-funding of REELC publications, etc


Present: 42

In favour: 26

Against: 2

Abstain: Not counted


Vote passed.



Vote: Authorization to the EC to immediately study and select the best options possible, with information sent to REELC members by website and newsletter.


Present: 42

In favour: 31

Against: Not counted

Abstain: Not counted


Vote passed.


3. Report on the Newsletter (Brigitte Le Juez (BLJ))


The newsletter was launched 4 years ago. According to our reports, it has been an essential tool in our contacting the members and a source of information. Members in remote areas in particular have found it useful.


BLJ will pass on the responsibility for the newsletter to Olga Springer, who stood for election to the Executive Committee.


BLJ was thanked by the General Assembly for editing the newsletter.


4. Report on the Website (Aleš Vaupotič (AV))


The focus of the presentation was on the importance of the website.


i. Keeping our information stable.


A mirror copy of the website has been introduced on another server in another faculty. The security of the website has been upgraded.


ii. Service to our network


The website is cery well situated in the Google search results. Most important European Comparative Literature institutions have linked to it.

Members can request new features on the website. It is also important as an archive.



5. Motion on review of the Regulation


Article 6: "The General Coordinator serves for one term [of two years]"


Vote: The GC serves for one term of two years and is eligible for a second term.


Present: 42

In favour: 39

Against: 0


Vote passes.


6. Election of EC 2015-2017


One of the candidates is based in the US, but the Assembly heard that there is nothing in the charter that specifically forbids a candidacy from outside Europe.


Vote for Member 11.


Omar Baz Radwan: 8

Fabio Camiletti: 12

Myrto Drizou: 1


Fabio Camiletti was elected.


New Committee (elected members):

Brigitte Le Juez (General Coordinator Elect)

Fabio Camilletti

Emilia Di Rocco

Jean-Louis Haquette

Rosa Mucignat

Laura Pereira

Nina Shiel

Angeliki Spiropoulou

Olga Springer

Zsuzsana Varga

Gianna Zocco


General Assembly approved the new Committee.



7. Proceedings from Madeira and Dublin/Galway (BLJ)


Madeira: Teresa has been talking to Cambridge Scholars. There have been delays. Hopefully these will clear in the next few weeks. Cambridge Scholars wanted all articles in English, which has caused issues. She has been working on getting articles translated. The proceedings are going ahead.


Dublin/Galway: This is the biggest Congress so far. 220 people from 40+ countries in the end. Because of the size of the event, it is impossible to produce one or two volumes. There is a possibility of special issues in journals, or thematic volumes. It should be borne in mind that currently, proceedings online do not have a great deal of weight. Material needs to be peer reviewed and indexed. We have to aim for the best. Ideas and proposals are invited. BLJ was approached by publishers after placing the CFP. If the conference has money left, it becomes possible to look into publishing the proceedings with Elsevier (or someone else).


8. Plans for the 7th Congress in Helsinki in 2017


Details of the proposal have arrived including CFP and budget.

Theme: Fear and Safety


CFP will be released in the spring 2016.

Language: English, French, Finnish, Swedish, Sami

Last week of August/First week of September


9. Venue for the 8th Congress (2019)


Athens and Nafplio have been suggested as a joint venue. Athens has been separately suggested on its own.


Another suggestion was made for France, Lille or another location.


10. Questions from members


There were no questions.



The meeting was closed. CD thanked the General Assembly for their support, and the organising teams for this Congress.


The incoming General Coordinator BLJ thanked CD for his work, as well as the members of the Committee who are giving up their places in the Executive Committee. The new members of the Committee were welcomed.