Dante’s Rhetoric of Space(s): Contemporary Dante Research (2nd Call for Papers for the Interdisciplinary Conference of Northern European Dante Network – NEDANTEN)

Northern European Dante Network – NEDANTEN
Closing date for submissions: 
25 January, 2013
Event dates: 
09.05.2013 - 11.05.2013
The abstracts in English (max 300 words) should be e-mailed to ylar@tlu.ee (Ülar Ploom) by January 25, 2013. For any practical questions please contact lutsepp@tlu.ee (Anu Lutsepp).
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Dante’s Rhetoric of Space(s)

Contemporary Dante Research


2nd Call for Papers for the Interdisciplinary Conference of Northern European Dante Network – NEDANTEN


May 9-11, 2013

Tallinn University, Estonia



Abstract deadline: January 25, 2013

Conference language: English


Keynote speakers: Prof. Zygmunt G. Baranski, University of Cambridge, University of Notre Dame

Prof. Andreas Kablitz, University of Cologne



Section A. The Interdisciplinary Conference of NEDANTEN Dante’ s Rhetoric of Space(s) will primarily focus on the perception and construction of spaces in Dante’s work. Dante has been admired both as a traveller and poet of the real world but also as the pilgrim of symbolic spaces. This conference wishes to explore the conjunctions of physical experience of space and its linguistic and cultural re/construction. Therefore special welcome will be given to papers discussing such topics as


  • physical/geographical spaces vs semiotic/symbolic spaces

  • construction of space in the medieval tradition: Islamic, Jewish, northern pre-Christian and Christian topography

  • individual perception of space and its linguistic & cultural (rhetorical) expression

  • senses and space

  • deixis and spatial markers in Dante’s language

  • vocabulary of space in Dante and in the medieval tradition

  • experience of border and its linguistic and cultural construction

  • space and identification

  • representation of spaces vs practices of space

  • political space and the idea of translatio imperii

  • spatialised time in the “Commedia”

  • genesis of poetic space in the “Vita Nuova” and the “Commedia”

  • Dantescan spaces and spaciality in (contemporary) world literature and other arts


and similar issues related to textual rhetoric, cultural geography and semiotics, medieval studies and other disciplines.


Section B. The second focus of this conference is on contemporary research in Dante studies. The participants willing to contribute to this section are kindly requested to present the newest results of their research on Dante.


All papers will be presented in plenary sessions. The abstracts in English (max 300 words) should be e-mailed to ylar@tlu.ee (Ülar Ploom) by January 25, 2013. Selected participants will be informed by Feb 15, 2013. For any practical questions please contact lutsepp@tlu.ee (Anu Lutsepp).


Apart from the key-note speakers, the participants are kindly asked to cover their travel expenditures, accommodation and sustenance.

NB! Participation in the conference is free of charge.


Managing board:

Ülar Ploom, Anu Lutsepp, Stefano Montes, Daniele Monticelli, Marek Tamm, Licia Taverna (Tallinn University)


Advisory and Scientific Board:


Anders Cullhed (NEDANTEN, Stockholm University), Unn Falkeid (NEDANTEN, University of Oslo), Walter Geerts (NEDANTEN, University of Antwerp), Aušra Jurgutiene (NEDANTEN, Lithuanian literature and Folklore Institute, Vilnius Educational University), Andreas Kablitz (NEDANTEN, University of Cologne), Benedikts Kalnacs (NEDANTEN, University of Latvia, Liepaja University), Mihhail Lotman (Tallinn University, University of Tartu), Maria Maślanka-Soro (NEDANTEN, University of Cracow), Päivi Mehtonen (NEDANTEN, University of Tampere, University of Helsinki), Lars Boje Mortensen (University of Southern Denmark, Centre for Medieval Studies, USD and University of York), Igor Pilshikov (NEDANTEN, Moscow State University), Rein Raud (NEDANTEN, Tallinn University, University of Helsinki), Ronald R. de Rooij (NEDANTEN, University of Amsterdam), Antonio Sorella (Università Gabriele d’Annunzio di Chieti-Pescara, Tallinn University, University of Bratislava), Jüri Talvet (University of Tartu), Michelangelo Zaccarello (Università di Verona, Tallinn University)


Collaborating Institutions: Institute of Germanic and Romance languages and cultures (Tallinn University), Estonian Institute of Humanities (Tallinn University), Centre for Medieval Studies of the Institute of History (Tallinn University).



NEDANTENNorthern European Dante Network is a developing project of the Nordic Dante Network which since 1999 organised four conferences dedicated to various themes in Dante studies (Copenhagen 1999, Stockholm 2001, Oslo 2006, Tampere 2009) and published three collections of papers: (Ed.s.) Christian Kaatmann & Ole Meyer, Perspektiv på Dante. I København 1999: København 2001; (Ed.) Anders Cullhed, Perspektiv på Dante.II. Stockholm 2001: Multivers Academic, 2006; (Ed.) Unn Falkeid, Dante. A Critical Reappraisal. Oslo: Unipub 2008.


NEDANTEN will embrace scholars from various countries of Northern Europe including Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Russia (to be extended).


The Tallinn Conference of 2013 will also be the official meeting of the NEDANTEN with the election of the venue for the next conference, the nomination of contact persons of national areas for the interim period, the discussion of other issues concerning the NEDANTENweb-site, the publication of conference Acta, etc.


Welcome to Tallinn and to NEDANTEN!

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