University of Helsinki
Closing date for submissions: 
1 September, 2016
Event dates: 
01.11.2016 - 02.11.2016

Convergence between arts has been taking place for centuries, and it is one of the most productive features of culture today. Some of the most exciting works of our cultural history are the results of the intermingling and cross-fertilization of different art forms and genres. At times the original works might even recede to the background: Kafka’s or Proust’s literary themes are today often more familiar through comics or films than their original novels and stories.

At this conference we will explore convergence between different artistic media – both old and new. As regards new media, Henry Jenkins has proposed that convergence relates to the way diverse media interact via new digital platforms enabling audiences to act both as creators and as distributors of content. We want to pay attention both to concrete aesthetic and technical processes of convergence as well as the more philosophical and cultural differences that convergence contributes to. How does the narration of the original work of art change in the process of convergence? And what happens when a work of art from an ancient era is adapted to a contemporary artistic form?

Through these questions we will focus on convergence as a way of celebrating the arts in the 21st century. In this year, marking the 250th anniversary of Lessing’s Laocoon, we also want to go back to the prime examples of works which continue to inspire the artistic imagination in the form of verbal, acoustic and visual media.

Topics of the conference include but are by no means limited to:
- Adaptations from and to the novel/opera/film
- Narrative and descriptive functions of film music
- Imagined cities across media
- Geocache: games as/ performance/adaptations/narration and interaction
- Generative multimedia narratives
- Self as point of origin in digital narrative and storytelling
- Markets of transmediality

Prospective plenary speakers of the conference are Irina Rajewsky (Berlin), Jason Gaiger (Ruskin School of Arts, Oxford),Luis Bruni (University of Aalborg), John Richardson (University of Turku).

Please send your abstract and short bio by September 1, 2016 to: and to:

Organizing committee:
Leena Eilittä, Professor of Comparative Literature (University of Tampere)
Lily Diaz, Professor of New Media (Aalto University)
Henry Bacon, Professor of Film and Media Studies (University of Helsinki)
Laura Wahlfors, Researcher at the Sibelius Academy (University of Arts Helsinki)
Lieven Ameel, University Lecturer of Comparative Literature (University of Tampere)
Irene Dimitropoulos, Conference Secretary (University of Helsinki)

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