Austria and America: Cross-Cultural Encounters 1955-2015

The University of Salzburg and the Stefan Zweig Centre
Closing date for submissions: 
7 December, 2014
Event dates: 
26.03.2015 - 27.03.2015
Professor Dr. Ralph J. Poole and Dr. Joshua Parker

Austria and America: Cross-Cultural Encounters 1955-2015.

The University of Salzburg and the Stefan Zweig Centre. Salzburg, Austria

March 26-27, 2015

The University of Salzburg’s American Studies Department invites scholars from various disciplines including literature, cultural studies, transatlantic studies, theater studies, musicology and art history to a two-day conference reflecting on America’s relationship with Austria. This third in a series of conferences on Austrian-American relations focuses on the years following the end of U.S. occupation to the present. Panels, papers and presentations might treat the following themes: Ties between literary and political transatlantic relations involving Austria and the U.S.; Images of Austria in the American imagination/ Images of America in the Austrian imagination; Comparative imagology and representations of the American/Austrian Other in literature, film, song and other media; American fiction, film, or nonfictional texts set in Austria; Austrian influences on American music, literature or popular culture; Literary presentations of Austrian culture, politics, literature or psychoanalysis in the U.S.; Austrian authors on the American stage or in American film; Issues of immigration and emigration; English-language translations of Austrian literature.

Keynote speaker: Günter Bischof, Marshall Plan Professor of History and Director of Center Austria, University of New Orleans.

Proposals for panels, individual 20-minute papers or presentations should include a title, abstract (300 words maximum) and a brief personal biography, sent as a single Word document in English or German, to the conference organizers by December 7, 2014: Professor Dr. Ralph J. Poole and Dr. Joshua Parker

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