Authority and Authorship: Averting the difficulties of dialogue in the Humanities.

United Kingdom
IPSE, the Italian postgraduate society of Edinburgh
Closing date for submissions: 
11 July, 2011

Iris is looking to start a discussion on the possible lack of spaces for dialogue and collaboration in the Humanities and its consequences for Authority and Authorship. It appears to us, that the spaces that traditionally generated dialogue – conferences, journals, our own departments – have lost their fundamental function under the pressure of an increasingly competitive field. Why do the Humanities generate exclusively solitary and soliloquent research when the sciences seem to work off collaboration and shared results? Given that most of our studies are based on the output of human communities, should we not attempt to build a community of our own, based on dialogue?

We invite contributors to think about this impairing weakness and to engage with its origins and possibilities of resolution. Can we not find a common language despite the disparities created by the burgeoning of research areas of study? Why, but most importantly how did we stop listening to and communicating our ideas? Is group research desirable even if it is possible?

Papers on comparative literature, history, philosophy, cultural studies, medieval studies, history of art and translation studies are welcomed and we encourage the authors to submit papers written with the collaboration and exchange of ideas with friends and colleagues.

Iris seeks to provide, in addition, an open space in which possible collaborations can be fostered, formed and brought to fruition. If this prospect of research interests you, send a proposal to Iris and we will try to start a dialogue.

We are not interested in becoming one of the sciences, nor merely making ourselves the interpretative wing of our physics departments, but in using the tools and expertise created by our colleagues in the Humanities to further our research and the research of others.


We invite contributors to submit papers between 5000 and 7000 words in length by July, 11th. All papers should include a 200 word abstract.
We would also like to encourage you to read our “Suspicions” section and send your own short engaging texts.
Suspicions should be between 300

Submission Guidelines

1. Iris welcomes submissions in English, French and Italian.

2. Papers should be sent in .doc files.

3. Contributors should also send a 200 word abstract with their papers

4. Papers should be 5000-7000 words in length in the Chicago documentation style. The guidelines are available online:

5. Chicago manuscript format:

6. Translations are required for any quotations in languages other than those accepted.

7. Book and event reviews should be 1000-3000 words in length.

8. Suspicions should be 300-500 words in length.

For any further queries, please contact: