After Writing Back. Present and future perspectives in Postcolonial Studies.

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After Writing Back. Present and future perspectives in Postcolonial Studies.
University of Bergamo,  Italy  -  13-15 October 2009
Deadline for proposals: 30 June 2009         
University of Bergamo, Italy
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30 June, 2009
Event dates: 
13.10.2009 - 15.10.2009
Flaminia Nicora <>

Hosted by: University of Bergamo, Faculty of Modern Languages and Literatures, PhD in Euro-American Literatures/Doctoral School of Humanities (Partner of the European PhDNet "Literary and Cultural Studies").

Twenty years ago Bill Ashcroft, Gareth Griffith and Helen Tiffin published their groundbreaking The Empire Writes Back. The conference purpose is not to celebrate a contribution whose significance is beyond discussion, or simply to upgrade its re-assessment, but to follow up the lines that have been opened by this seminal work. We would like to rethink the possibilities and problems now facing the field of Postcolonial studies. Ashcroft, Griffith and Tiffin themselves have broadened their focus to  fruitful areas such as Globalization, the Enviroment, the Sacred, or the 'Human'.
Postcolonial societies (both colonizer and colonized) have transformed cultures and languages. The negotiation of power relationships engaged by First and Third World cultures has shaped new identities, at the same time suggested a compelling revision of Modernity.
The conference will explore the relevance of  the Postcolonial perspective in engaging with these and more issues. 

Papers may focus on these and other related topics:

- relations between postcolonialism and globalization,  modernity,  environment, ecocriticism;
- postcolonial literature and new forms of resistance;
- literary language, English(es), native languages, linguistic identities.

Confirmed Keynote speakers: Bill Ashcroft, Gareth Griffith, Helen Tiffin
20-30 minutes papers are welcome.
300-400 words proposals  may be submitted by 30 June 2009 to < >.
Please include your name and affiliation, a short bio and e-mail address. 
Convener: Flaminia Nicora, University of Bergamo Italy