Literary Dislocations / Déplacements littéraires / Книжевни дислокации

TitleLiterary Dislocations / Déplacements littéraires / Книжевни дислокации
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2011
EditorStojmenska-Elzeser, Sonja, and Vladimir Martinovski
Conference NameLiterary Dislocations: 4th International REELC/ENCLS Congress / Déplacements littéraires: IV Congrés international de REELC/ENCLS / Книжевни дислокации: IV. Меѓународен конгрес на европската мрежа за книжевни компаративни студии. September,1-3, 2011
Number of Volumes1
Date Published2012
PublisherInstitute of Macedonian literature
Conference LocationSkopje, Ohrid, Republic of Macedonia


Aspects of (Dis)location

Vladimir Biti: Literature as deterritorialization: Gilles Deleuze and Jacques Ranciere 19
Katica Kulavkova: Enforced Linguistic Conversion: Translations of Macedonian Toponyms in the Twentieth Century 28
Montserrat Cots: Une modalité de récit de voyage : le déplacement a pied 43
Ilinka Mitreva: L’Atopie de Roland Barthes 52
Senka Anastasova: Lost at the Airports 56
Nikola Madzirov: Returning against Remembering 66

Location and Identity

Abha Singh: Cultural Dislocation and Changing Identities in Jhumpa Lahiri's Novel "The Namesake" 73
Loreta Georgievska-Jakovleva: Asymmetry of Memory: The Phenomenon of Exile as a Reflection of Permanent Trauma and the "Forbidden" Tale 83
Sonja Stojmenska-Elzeser: Literature and Cultural Geography 91
Fabien Pillet: Peut-on déplacer spatialement les concepts théoriques? Réflexion a partir de l'esthétique de la réception 98
Slavica Srbinovska: Traumas of Dislocation in the Process of Communication 107
Nicoleta Calina: Another Wonderland - notes on a dislocated fairy-tale: "Wonderland" / "Il paese delle meraviglie" of Giuseppe Culicchia 113

Exile, Migration, Diaspora

Anneli Kovamees: Refugee's Wanderings 123
Ivan Dodovski: The Balkans beyond the Balkans: Diasporic Escape as a Nightmarish Homecoming 129
Bela Gligorova: Beyond Exile and into Writing: A Page Out of Aleksandar Hemon 139
Elizabeta Sheleva: Creative Hermeneutics of Exile - Mahmoud Darwish 146
Milica Denkovska: The concept of Home in Voluntary Exile Epresented Through the Latest Work of the Homeless Author Boraćosić 152
Alan Ashton-Smith: The Roma: a Dislocated People? Constructing and Performing the 'Gypsy' Figure 160
Marija Gjorgjieva Dimova: The Narrative Asylum of the Exile 170
Afrim Redzepi: La déconstruction de l?esthétique (Un discours pragmatique: le roman Le sacrifice des Balkans de Luan Starova) 181
Mersiha Ismajloska: Running out from Location (to The Satanic Verses from Salman Rushdie) 185

Europe / non-Europe

Elisaveta Popovska: "L'Empire des signes": l'expérience japonaise de Marguerite Yourcenar 193
Goce Smilevski: Dislocation and the Contrapunctal Vision of Culture in Hotel Europe and EuroAlien by Goran Stefanovski 199
Irina Babamova: De l'Afrique a la Macédoine, via la traduction de l'oeuvre de Marie N'Diaye 204
Liljana Todorova: La thématique négro-africaine dans la Littérature d'exploration en France du XIXe siecle a l?époque contemporaine 211
Vasilka Pemova: Searching for Nigerian Identity 221


Vesela Tutavac: Macedonia in Travel Journals of Ivan Franjo Jukić 233
Anastasija Gjurchinova: Hodoeporics and Construction of Cultures: Italian Travelogue about Macedonia 240
Olga Springer: A Study in Intertextuality: The Pilgrim's Progress in Charlotte Brontë's The Professor (1845/57) and Villette (1853) 247
Pablo Ruiz: Journeys to the Sun: Travel and the Impossible in Primero sueno by Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz 254
Svetlana Kalezić-Radonjić: Spatio-Temporal Dislocations as an Aesthetic Strategy in A Novel about London by Milos Crnjanski 263

Reality/Imagination Dislocations

Rose Hsiu-li Juan: The Poetic Space of Indigenous Dream Tradition: Cultural Dislocation and Spiritual Translocation in Linda Hogan's People of the Whale 273
Lidija Kapushevska-Drakulevska: Between the Real and the Imaginary: a Volontary Exile into Romanticism and Symbolism 283
Mila Sopova: Dislocating Histories, Locating Imaginaries: Historical Signals between Factual and Fictional Narrative in Dragi Mihajlovski's A Scanderbeg of my own [Mojot Skenderbeg] 289
Nikolina Stojanova: The Savage Detectives - a Saturant Novel and Novel of Articulated Space 301


Aleš Vaupotič: Do Vilém Flusser’s Writings Bring Technology and Humanities Closer Together? 315
Martyna Markowska: Imaginary Lapland? Photographic Philosophy by Jorma Puranen 326
Francesco Giusti: Ecology as an Eco-utopia: the Displacement of the Subject in Thoreau, Calvino and In to the Wild 333
Lucia Caminada Rossetti: Literature and Body Images: Photography and Performance in Julio Cortázar 344


Christine Lombez: Soi-meme comme un autre: déplacements de l'énonciation au cours du processus d'autotraduction (Paris-Athenes, Parîsi-Aqïna, de Vassilis Alexakis) 355
Marija Todorova: Literature Across Time and Space: Translation as a Journey 364
Sara Pesatori: Textual Dislocations: Critical Editions and Translation 369
Vanessa Besand: La notion de transfert culturel :L'exemple du cas franco-américain a travers les fictions camusienne et sartrienne 379
Virđinija Popović and Ivana Janjić: Neighborhood as an Ontological Topos in Eugen Barbu's Novel Groapa/Pit 389
Zvonko Taneski: How should Literary Language Come Home? 394

Myth, Ancient, Balkan Dislocations

Irene Gayraud: Déplacements orphiques dans la poésie de Guillaume Apollinaire et Dino Campana 403
Vladimir Martinovski: Poetical Dislocations to Ithaca 415
Mishel Pavlovski: The Idea of Europe in Jordan Plevnesh’s Plays 423
Iskra Tasevska Hadji Boshkova: Literary Genres in the Macedonian 19th Century Macedonian Literature and the Dislocation of the Predominant (Authorial) Voice 429
Carmen Darabus: Le déplacement vers l'univers intérieur - forme de sauvegarde 440
Despina Angelovska: Écriture et déplacement : les retrouvailles de soi comme autre dans le roman La chaise d’Elie d’Igor Štiks 447
Alma Dema: The Sociology of Religion into the Albanian Tales: Is there a conceptual religion division between the tales gathered onto the mountains and fields? 460
Jasmina Mojsieva-Gusheva: Changes in the Structure of Identities: Main Theme in Balkan?s Contemporary Prose 469

Dislocated authors/poetics

Natasha Avramovska: 'A Present-Day Portrait': Tomislav Osmanli's The Twenty-First as a Novel of Dislocation 483
Slavica Gadjova: The Problems of Dislocation, Trauma and Memory in the Story Visit to the Museum by Vladimir Nabokov 495
Snezana Petrova: Réflexions sur les déplacements spatio-temporels dans les oeuvres de Chateaubriand 502
Robin MacKenzie: The Strange Case of Mr Stevenson and M. Proust; Or, the Mirror and the Draught 509
Dearbhla McGrath: Borderline Bodies - Abjection and Marginality in Tanith Lee's Red as Blood 520
Ana Martinoska: "A Book Can Heal Better Than Doctors" (A search for identity in literature written by women who have immigrated from the former Yugoslavia) 529
Federica Angelini: The Condition of Women Writers: Immigrant Women Writers in Italy 538
Tershala Risvan: The Impossibility of Adapting to the Social is One of the Individualism?s Recourses 547

Cultural Saints of the European Nation States

Marijan Dović: The Canonization of Cultural Saints: An Introduction 557
Sveinn Yngvi Egilsson: Model Behaviour: The Role of Imported Aesthetics in the Rise of Romantic Nationalism in Iceland and Slovenia 570
Jón Karl Helgason: Relics of Immortality: The Broader Context of Cultural Saints 577
Maja Jakimovska - Tosic: The Cult of St. Clement of Ohrid and Its Dispersion in South-Slavic Medieval and Contemporary Literary and Cultural Tradition 585
Marko Juvan: Romanticism and National Poets on the Margins of Europe: Prešeren and Hallgrímsson 592
Valentina Mironska-Hristovska: National 19th Century Cultural Icons as found in Contemporary Macedonian Literature 601

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