Dialogues between "Thinking" and "Poetry" and Theoretical-Literary Hybrids

TitleDialogues between "Thinking" and "Poetry" and Theoretical-Literary Hybrids
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2006
AuthorsJuvan, Marko
Secondary AuthorsHall, Neville
JournalPrimerjalna knjizevnost (Comparative Literature, Ljubljana)
Start Page189
IssueSpecial Issue: Hybridizing Theory and Literature: On the Dialogue between Theory and Literature
Date Published08/2006
Keywordshybridization, literature, post-structuralism, postmodernism, romanticism, theory

“Literature” and “theory” are historically determined and interdependent cultural entities. They were already linked in early romanticism, and became even more so in modernism and postmodernism/post-structuralism. The characteristic form of their interaction is theoretical-literary hybrids. In the context of the postmodern delegitimization and redistribution of knowledge, and the dispersion of textuality, the processes of the literarization of theory and the theorization of literature are evident in these hybrids. However, the dialogues between “thinking” and “poetry” have, since antiquity, developed many other forms and genres. Although “thinking” and “poetry” have common attributes, they still remain irreducibly different.

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