Comparative Literature: Theory, Method, Application

TitleComparative Literature: Theory, Method, Application
Publication TypeBook
Year of Publication1998
Authorsde Zepetnek, Steven Tötösy
Number of Pages299
ISBN Number90-420-0534-3

Steven Tötösy de Zepetnek presents in his Comparative Literature: Theory, Method, Application. (Amsterdam: Rodopi, 1998. ISBN 90-420-0534-3 299 pages, bibliography, index) a framework of comparative literature based on a contextual (systemic and empirical) approach for the study of culture and literature. The framework is applied in audience studies, film and literature, literature and science, women's literature, translation studies, new media and scholarship in the humanities, and in the analyses of English, French, German, Austrian, Hungarian, Romanian, and English-Canadian modern, contemporary, and ethnic minority texts. The book's copyright has been released to Tötösy de Zepetnek by Rodopi in 2006.

Reprint EditionOnline version 12-2009